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About Us

Bavincis, a fashion accessories brand has Exclusive launched online its first e-commerce site for customers in India. The move is aimed at capitalizing on the growing demand for branded products among Indian shoppers and to provide them with a wider selection of products from the brand. The company offers a wide range of products such as watches, sunglasses, and it’s all fashion accessories too. It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife. But what happens when the man has not only one fortune, but two? As an international brand bavincis it's provide premium quality all fashion related assesory. And brand slogan is Luxuries Are affordable.
Bavincis is a new fashion brand, its will be launched in India. Bavincis is famous for its premium quality product because it's well design and high quality material product range includes all accessories like Sunglasses, Bracelet, watch, and many more. This brand is have huge market in the fashion industry and its totally different from other Indian brands product range starts from very low price to high price. This brand will launch first time in India for customer satisfaction.
Bavincis is the most famous brand today. Most of us know this brand in modern life and most of girls, women and men love this brand. Indeed, Bavincis fashion products are very popular among them. There are various kinds of modern fashion as accessories, shining with precious stones and charms. we think every men and woman has a special style in her heart, like now many girls love accessory a lot and they can't wait to buy several pieces of new wonderful Fashion accessories.
We are living in this world where fashion is on a boom and people spend a huge chunk of their salary in buying fashionable stuff. But not everyone can afford to buy luxurious designer items. Bavincis offer complete range of products that fulfill men’s and women's dreams. Bavincis is an internationally recognized brand, which offers a premium quality of fashion accessories to its customers. Bavincis is well known for distinctive styles, innovative concepts and luxurious designs.There are several reasons behind the success of Bavincis. It offers an affordable luxury to its customers and has exceptional quality in all its products.
Bavincis has made a commitment to design original Fashion accessories in a wide range of price points. Bavincis manufactures its product according to high standards and ethical business practices in order to provide value to the consumer. This includes strict compliance with health and safety regulations, fair payment of wages and respect for the environment. *
Bavincis has concentrated on developing a wide variety of collections that offer many options for consumers with varying tastes and budgets.
Dedication to customer service is at the heart of every decision made by Bavincis, from product development, through production, and on to delivery. Bavincis values continue to take into account the needs and wishes of their customers.
The company was founded by Mr. Dhruvin Lakhankiya who was working as a fashion designer in italy and he wanted to start his own business for which he came back to India and started this brand named Bavincis. Company started its operation in 2019. "The main motto of the company is to provide all latest fashion accessories to its customers at affordable prices" said by Mr. Dhruvin Wife Hemangi Lakhankiya who is also working as CEO and director of this company since last three years and managing everything smoothly.
Bavincis is make many brands product even it's also manufacture's its own product under Bavincis brand name. It's give you to buy by cash on delivery (COD) or credit card/debit card payment system.
This industry is growing rapidly day by day because it's provided luxury products at low cost